Student accommodation prices

You can find all the prices for accommodation at the Maison des Mines et des Ponts in the following table and download the information on the available link:

BINOME standard room (2 in a room with 2 beds)327 €
BINOME room with shower377 €
BINOME room with a balcony377 €
Individual bedroom430 €
Individual bedroom with a bathroom327 €
Alone in a Standard room with two beds590 €

The Students residing at the Maison des Mines et des Ponts have access to a wifi network managed by the Rézal association and available at a price of 15 EUR(€) per year.

Housing assistance

The accommodations benefit from an APL or ALS Convention. These are aid to individuals paid by the CAF de Paris. Individual files must be collected from CAF and returned duly completed, with the help of the Secretariat and the “Piauleurs”. It should be noted that the rents paid by the students of the three Schools account for about 85% of the Residence’s income, which means that the budget balance depends on other benefits.